Villa Insikt

Villa Insikt – Strategy/PR/Website

Villa Insikt is founded and run by Karina Di Lucia, a digital detox pioneer who arranges Digital Detox Camp's. Karina contacted me with a clear mission: How can we get more people to visit Villa Insikt and participate in the Digital Detox Camp?

1. Workshop/Strategy

To figure out what Karina and Villa Insikt needed, and why, I created a full day workshop. During the workshop we got a greater understanding of what Karina had to offer, why she wanted to offer it and who she wanted to offer it to - we got a clear purpose and a target group. This helped me to build a strategy for how we could get closer to her mission.

Workshop 2.0Workshop 2.0

2. PR

Our main target group where young, driven women in the age of 20-35 years old,  based in (or from) Stockholm, Sweden. We decided to skip traditional advertising and focus on influencers and networks with a strong community in social media. One of them is Sandy Stadelmann, a digital nomad and influencer who participated in a Digital Detox Camp at Villa Insikt in January 2019. Relationships were also initiated with other influencers and with one of the biggest Swedish female networks on Facebook.


3. Website

To atract the target group we decided to remake Villa Insikt's website. I did all the design and copy.